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50 Mistakes Restaraunt Owners Make

1.They don’t collect customer data

2. They don’t have an email sign up on their home

3. They don’t communicate to the customer in house comment cards

4. They don’t get permission to us customer comments

5. They don’t offer a bounce back offer

6. They don’t have special themes

7. They don’t have a reward or loyalty program

8. They don’t separate the levels of spending in their database

9. They don’t understand the life value of a guest

10. They don’t understand the cost to acquire a new guest

11. They show pictures on their website that have no....

12. They don’t plan a growth activity

13.They don’t copy what other restaurants are doing

14.They miss out on this FREE marketing opportunity

15. They don’t tell their guests this important info

16.They don’t talk about their family enough

17. They don’t know their ROI on marketing

18. They don’t bid out goods and services

19. They don’t know their numbers

20. They don’t realize that they are NOT in the restaurant business. They are in the _____ business.

21.They don’t do social media

22. They don’t respond to bad reviews

23. They don’t respond to good reviews

24. They don’t ask the right questions to the guests at all

25. They don’t answer the phone enough

26. They offer a satisfaction guarantee on their food or experience

27. They don’t tell the truth to the guest

28. They don’t say no to the guest

29. They don’t wait to respond to irrational guests

30. They don’t have the support link the big chains, which is easy to do.

31. They don’t mastermind with other restaurant owners

32. They don’t cross promote

33. They don’t have an opening line

34. They don’t support local

35. They don’t barter

36. They don’t go to trade shows

37. They don’t read books or trade magazines

38. They don’t talk to other restaurant owners

39. They don’t do enough community service or programs

40. They don’t keep up with food trends

41. They don’t understand dietary concerns

42. They don’t experiment with different brands of beer, wines & spirits

43. They don’t let trust their staff to do more work

44. They don’t place the right help wanted adds

45. They don’t ask the right question in the interview process

46. They don’t do enough employee reviews

47. They don’t check references

48. They don’t train the staff at all or enough

49. They don’t play games with the staff

50. Mistakes Restaurant Owners Make, Business Tip #50, Small Business Ideas, Tips & Tricks

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